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Aman Sandhu and Swapnaa Tamhane worked in collaboration under the name "August Fröhls", named after a pajama shop in Mönchengladbach, Germany, which closed in 2014 after nearly a hundred years.


Celestial Vault, 2017

Made in collaboration with Asha Puthli 

Portable Stories, 2017

Gardiner Museum, Toronto

curated by Rea McNamara 


"Portable Stories" was presented at Gardiner Museum, Toronto, in August 2017. We had a month-long programme that featured panels (looking at forms of art education), talks with artists, film screenings, and featured Asha Puthli. Our idea was to mimic the portable classroom, and create a outdoor disembodied structure where we held the talks.  

presented at FOCUS Festival, Mumbai
Curated by Elise Foster van der Elst, Nicola Antaki, and Matthieu Foss

8. IMG_4449-lr.jpg

Photographs by Sophie Wright

August Fröhls invited a group of artists for Object Manipulating Economy / Economy Manipulating Object in January 2015 to present work in the former shop of our namesake. Artists included Soya Arakawa, David Bernstein, Jessica Gispert, Elmar Hermann, Harkeerat Mangat, Rajni Perera, Titre Provisoire (Cathleen Schuster & Marcel Dickhage), Nep Sidhu (Black Constellation), Kristina Stoyanova, Arjan Stockhausen, and Jaret Vadera. On the opening evening, the city cut off the power to the store, and so, we presented the works with flashlights.

Supported by Kulturbüro Mönchengladbach.


Elmar Hermann and Kristina Stoyanova


How to Draw a Drawing, 2012, in "Genius Loci", at the Art Gallery of Mississauga and Summerworks Festival, Great Hall, Toronto


We Don't Know What This Conversation is Going to Make, 2012


We Don't Know What this Conversation is Going to Make, 2012. We stood inside a plastic box for 2 hours, talking about the work we would make for that box. Our conversation could be heard by a livestream. Visitors could only see us from the street, and not hear us. Presented at Interaccess, Toronto.  

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