August Fröhls invited a group of artists for Object Manipulating Economy / Economy Manipulating Object in January 2015 to present work in the former shop of our namesake. Artists included Soya Arakawa, David Bernstein, Jessica Gispert, Elmar Hermann, Harkeerat Mangat, Rajni Perera, Titre Provisoire (Cathleen Schuster & Marcel Dickhage), Nep Sidhu (Black Constellation), Kristina Stoyanova, Arjan Stockhausen, and Jaret Vadera. On the opening evening, the city cut off the power to the store, and so, we presented the works with flashlights.

Supported by Kulturbüro Mönchengladbach.

Arjan Stockhausen

Jessica Gispert

Jessica Gispert

Soya Arakawa

Elmar Hermann, Kristina Stoyanova

David Bernstein

Kristina Stoyanova

Jaret Vadera